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Precall is simple. Elected officials who fail to defend people’s rights should be REMOVED from office.

Election cycles are 2, 4, or 6 years. We The People should NOT have to wait years to voice severe disapproval at the polls.

Precall helps voters hold elected officials accountable ALL the time between elections.

The situation in Ottawa County is dire.

  • Unelected staff members at the local health department are acting like rulers with unlimited power to issue mandates.
  • Elected commissioners, charged with oversight of these unelected staff members, refuse to curb government overreach.
  • On August 24, 2021, the elected commissioners voted to give an additional $2,179,153 to the health department.

Despite MONTHS of advocacy from parents, citizens, and the Ottawa Republican Party, the local health department has not been stopped by the Board of Commissioners. Sign up to hold your elected officials accountable.

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1) Find Your Commissioner

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District Map (Ottawa County has 11 Commissioner Districts)

The Process

Ready for change? Join the precall to express your disapproval of elected officials.

Community Involvement

If a precall is successful in a district, you will be told when and where to sign on paper at a Community Signing Event.

For a recall to be successful, a certain number of signatures must be collected (on paper).

Name & District Required Signatures Signatures Collected
Frank Garcia, District 1 3,554 signatures
Joe Baumann, District 2 1,977 signatures
Doug Zylstra, District 3 2,216 signatures
Al Dannenberg, District 4 2,928 signatures
Randy Meppelink, District 5 3,190 signatures
Kyle Terpstra, District 6** 3,310 signatures
Jim Holtvluwer, District 7 3,074 signatures
Greg De Jong, District 8 2,244 signatures
Phil Kuyers, District 9 3,092 signatures
Roger Bergman, District 10 3,451 signatures
Matt Fenske, District 11 3,128 signatures

** Commissioner Kyle Terpstra has taken action to preserve and protect the individual rights of people living in Ottawa County.

Necessary recall efforts will be focused on commissioners out of alignment with the people, the Republican Party, and the Contract with Ottawa.


What is a precall?

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Future Candidates

We are finding, vetting, and funding future candidates.

Ottawa County needs a long-term solution.

We have been vetting candidates for months!

We will announce endorsed candidates who sign the Contract with Ottawa in the future.

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